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Village Caregiving offers reliable, compassionate in-home care for you or your older adult. With more than 10 years of industry experience and a passion for excellent service, our caregivers provide care with a purpose. We’ve gained multiple awards and thousands of satisfied clients and are well-equipped to deliver quality companionship to you or the older adult in your life. 

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Office Phone: (812) 345-0014

Address: 822 W. 1st Street, Suite 1, Bloomington, IN 47403

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Owyn Smith
Owyn Smith
Response from the owner: Hi Owyn! Thanks for this wonderful review! We appreciate it.
Ashley Ann Carmichael
Ashley Ann Carmichael
It a great company to work for. You will definitely get hours you need. Good people and a great teamwork.
Response from the owner: Hello Ashley, and thank you for this great review! We are always hiring, and there are plenty of people in need of home care services! We appreciate the 5-stars! *****
Cami Prince
Cami Prince
Wonderful staff. Very friendly kind and understanding!
Response from the owner: Hello Cami - thanks for this wonderful review. We appreciate your feedback about Village Caregiving and staff!
James` Rooney
James` Rooney
Best company I’ve worked for in a long time! Very flexible and efficient.
Response from the owner: James - thanks for your hard work and for this 5* review!
Shayla Robinson
Shayla Robinson
This is one of Shayla Robinson clients and she is amazing caregiver she goes over and beyond to help me out.Village caregiving is amazing company.
Response from the owner: Hello Shayla - thanks for this amazing review! We appreciate your positivity and support for Village Caregiving management - we are one big team, all moving in the same direction! We are the ONE!
Mad Max
Mad Max
Yeah Emma is a joy to have come in and help me. She works hard very pleasant and does a great job. Thank you so much for having her helping me.
Response from the owner: Hello, and thank you for the 5-star review! ***** we appreciate your kind words about Village Caregiving and Emma.
Markle “Marco” Hurtt
Markle “Marco” Hurtt
Marklel is a very efficient gentleman he's here on time every day that we need him he's efficient and does everything that he's supposed to do I've told him to ask tell his mother that she is raised him right and has done a nice job she ought to be proud want to thank you for sending marco on our way he doesn't very nice job I hope this complete your survey if not please send us a paper one and be glad to add to it thank you
Response from the owner: Hello Marco! Thank you for this wonderful review for Village Caregiving! We appreciate it!
buzz buzz
buzz buzz
My care giver Jason is really good. Great cook, handles duties around the house as needed. Great communication from both the office and my caregiver. No complaints Jason always goes above and beyond.
Response from the owner: Hello, and thank you for this review, and for your kind words about Village Caregiving and Jason! We work hard to improve communication and communicate effectively with our caregivers and clients.
Judy Lang
Judy Lang
Morgyn is great ! She’s always on time and stays with Bud. She is very good with him!
Response from the owner: Hi Judy! Thanks so much for your review and for your kind words about Morgyn and Village Caregiving! We are always here to help!
Connie Giroff
Connie Giroff
Response from the owner: Hi Connie - thanks for this 5-star review!

Tailored, Compassionate Care 

We understand that you and your older adult would prefer to stay in your routines while getting care, so we customize our solutions around your needs. We walk this journey with you, developing a plan that fits your schedule. Our passion is to provide quality companionship, assisting people in navigating older age and gaining self-empowerment. We aim to enrich and empower with the following services:

  • Care in the comfort of home: You or your loved one remains in their comfortable routine with our quality in-home companionship. 
  • Maintain connections in familiar surroundings: Retain connection with the older adult in your life, whether you live together or in separate homes.
  • Direct assistance: Our 24/7 in-office cell number provides direct access to your assigned office.
  • Dedicated staff: Our caregivers are passionate about our clients’ well-being and fostering a positive, flourishing home environment. 

Our Specialized Services to You

We understand that household errands like laundry and cooking may be challenging for aging individuals. Our customized services can bring some relief while engaging conversations and pleasant companionship create a caring, welcoming environment. Our caregivers can assist with the following:

  • Respite care
  • Hygiene assistance
  • Ambulation assistance
  • Transportation
  • Toileting
  • Dressing
  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Running errands
  • Cooking and eating support

Here’s Why Thousands Choose Us

We thrive on going above and beyond, and we believe our clients deserve the best. The team at Village Caregiving values delivering convenience and simplicity to you, streamlining our services and assisting wherever we can. Our dedicated services aim to enrich your older adult’s life, fostering fulfillment and personal growth. See why thousands choose us for reliable in-home care companionship that puts you first:

  • Backup services: Our backup services provide you with quality care when you need it most.
  • Fall risk mitigation: We can help mitigate the risk of falls as much as possible. Our family caregivers can identify and clear clutter and objects, keeping you or your older adult safe as best we can.
  • Affordable care: We work with you and assist in financial applications where applicable. You also get flat rates on all days, including weekends and holidays.
  • Secure contact point: Check in on your loved one, no matter where they live, through your dedicated contact point.
  • Self-administered medication assistance: Our friendly family caregivers can kindly remind your older adult when it’s time for them to take their medication.

Get Quality Help at Home You Can Rely On

Empower yourself or your senior to live an independent, productive life. With our compassionate care, you get personalized assistance with impeccable support. For more information on in-home care services in Bloomington, Indiana, call us at (812) 345-0014.