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In-Home Care Services in Des Moines, IA

Village Caregiving provides in-home companionship for seniors, and compassion, dedication, and quality service are our cornerstones. With over 10 years in the industry, we’ve won multiple awards and have thousands of satisfied clients. Our team stretches the boundaries with our services to make your and your loved one’s lives easier. By going above and beyond, we promote personal empowerment and independence for quality, dignified living.  

Our Des Moines Office Information

24/7 Phone: (515) 214-9659

Fax: (515) 864-0012

Address: 1201 Keosauqua Way Ste 207, Des Moines, IA 50309

Village Caregiving is here to help.

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Care Tailored to You

We understand things don’t always go according to plan, so we personalize our services to fit your schedule. Working alongside you, our team develops a solution that suits your lifestyle and needs. 

We assist older individuals in receiving fulfilling, quality companionship and help you reach your goals with the following services:

  • Professional staff: Our family caregivers are trained and insured, ensuring you get professional in-home care.
  • Maintain connections in familiar surroundings: Our services let your loved one stay in their familiar surroundings while retaining connections with family and friends. 
  • Care in the comfort of home: You can keep your routine in the comfort of your own home while enjoying our family caregiver companionship.
  • Reliable services: We select only the best caregivers to provide respectful care you and your senior can depend on.
  • Direct assistance: Access your assigned office directly through our 24/7 in-office cell number.
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Levi Y
Levi Y
Response from the owner: Hello Levi! Thanks for this 5-star review, sir! Much appreciated!
Nicole Andrews
Nicole Andrews
I absolutely love this company! They are easy and amazing to work for. Their compassion for the people they help on a daily basis is outstanding. It doesn’t feel like a company, it feels like family❤️
Response from the owner: Hello Nicole, and thank you for this 5-star review! We love that you love VCG! We want to make this company feel like one big happy helpful family for clients, their families, and employees!
Edie Wik
Edie Wik
We have loved having the company’s help. They do amazing and have been nothing but helpful, reassuring, and respectful! Would definitely recommend for families in need of some help in the house!
Response from the owner: Hello Edie - thanks so much for trusting Village Caregiving! We appreciate your recommendation!!!
Joshua Martz
Joshua Martz
Response from the owner: Hello Joshua - thanks for this 5-star review, sir!
Ranae Acord
Ranae Acord
Excellent service! Caregivers are very caring and knowledgeable! Excellent communication
Response from the owner: Hello Ranae - thanks for this excellent review! Village Caregiving works hard to communicate well with clients and employees.
Jordan way
Jordan way
Response from the owner: Hello Jordan - thank you for this 5-star review! *****
Noah Yamen
Noah Yamen
Response from the owner: Hello Noah - thanks for this 5-star review! ***** We appreciate it!
Noah Yamen
Noah Yamen
Response from the owner: Hello, and thank you for this review and feedback!
Noah Yamen
Noah Yamen
Response from the owner: Hi! We appreciate this feedback and review, sir!
Hannah King
Hannah King
It is a pleasure to be a caregiver for Village Caregiving. The whole team is very communicative and extremely easy to work with. It is an extremely rewarding job and I am proud to be a part of the team.
Response from the owner: Hello Hannah - thanks for this review and for your hard work and dedication to Village Caregiving! Caregiving is such a rewarding job indeed!

Our Services

The Village Caregiving team understands that older adults may find household tasks like cooking and doing laundry challenging. We design our specialized services around your needs, so you can rest assured you get the assistance you require. Our family caregivers help with these daily tasks while providing engaging conversations and pleasant companionship. Take a look at the services we offer:

  • Dressing
  • Transportation
  • Laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Toileting
  • Companionship
  • Ambulation assistance
  • Hygiene assistance
  • Running errands
  • Respite care
  • Cooking and eating support

We Go Above and Beyond

Our aim at Village Caregiving is to make life as convenient and pleasant as possible for older individuals. We provide vibrant care services of the highest quality. Our team is passionate about seeing your loved one thrive, and we take extra care to do more where possible:

  • Dedicated contact point: Check on your senior loved one through your secure contact point, no matter where they live.
  • Fall risk mitigation: We cannot prevent all falls, but we can mitigate them as much as possible. Our family caregivers can remove clutter and objects, keeping older individuals as safe as possible.
  • Backup services: We have backup services in case of emergencies, so you get in-home care when you need it.
  • Affordable care: You pay flat rates on any day, including holidays, weekends, and nights.
  • Self-administered medication assistance: Our friendly caregivers can kindly remind clients when to take their daily doses of medication.

Quality Care With Village Caregiving

At Village Caregiving, we help your older loved ones maintain their independence. Call us at (515) 214-9659 for more information on our in-home care services in Des Moines, Iowa, or email us at today.