Personalized Care Plans

Personalized Home Care Plans

When it’s time for older individuals to receive extra care, the variety of choices can feel overwhelming — and many options are one-size-fits-all. At Village Caregiving, we offer personalized home care plans so older adults can benefit from individualized care in the comfort of their home. With our range of services, our team specializes in providing targeted in-home care and companionship solutions that take your loved one’s unique needs into account. 

Depending on their specific requirements, our personalized in-home care plans can include:

What Is Personalized Home Care?

Personalized care involves determining an individual’s unique needs, circumstances and preferences, then tailoring care services to those specific factors. A personalized home care plan considers physical, social and medical needs to create a customized solution. These services are designed to work around your schedule and lifestyle so your loved one can keep their same daily routine as much as possible. 

Our process of creating a tailored home care plan includes these three steps:

  1. Have conversations with you and your loved one: It’s vital to involve all parties in our conversations. Consulting with both you and your loved one about their needs and preferences helps our family caregivers gather crucial information in this initial stage.
  2. Assess specific needs: At this step, we take the time to discuss important details related to the care your loved one needs. Factors such as daily activities, household tasks, health care, mobility and transportation are all considered.
  3. Determine any family participation: Knowing the extent of family participation helps inform how we create the ideal care plan for you and your entire family.

Benefits of Personalized Care Plans

The Village Caregiving team can help guide you toward a personalized in-home care plan that offers many advantages, including:

More Independence

When older adults receive focused care that addresses all their needs, they can gain more independence and a better sense of control over their daily life. Customized care hones in on improving functional abilities while taking any limitations into account, which enhances personal empowerment.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Whether care is needed once a day, once a week or somewhere in between, personalized care plans are flexible for any schedule. You remain in control of how frequently our family caregivers are required — no paying extra for services that aren’t necessary.

Increased Safety

Our family caregivers gain an understanding of each individual’s specific medical needs, including their level of mobility around the home. As a result, they can address safety issues more effectively. Identifying and minimizing risks becomes easier to help keep your loved one as safe as possible. 

Better Quality of Life

Personalized in-home care allows older adults to remain in the comfort of their own homes for longer. They can stay surrounded by family and continue with their familiar routines while benefiting from quality care services.

Improved Communication

Personalized care plans are just that — personalized for your loved one and the ins and outs of their home and routine. Having this information on hand is enormously helpful for your family caregiver. Since they understand the dynamics of the household, they can better plan and coordinate chores and other tasks with your loved one.

Coordinated Services

If your usual family caregiver is unavailable, our services remain streamlined and coordinated. We document all personal preferences, medical needs and other important details so that our backup care services can step in if needed.

Greater Empowerment

Personalized care plans allow your loved one to be in control of their own care. You choose when, how and the extent of the services needed. This personalization brings more contentment as older individuals experience care that’s unique to them.

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Turn to Village Caregiving for Personalized Care

Your loved one is unique — and their care plan should be unique, too. At Village Caregiving, we focus on customizing our in-home care plans, and serve as an advisor to work alongside you as you navigate the aging process. Our family caregivers can assist with activities of daily living, companionship and almost everything else in between. We offer flat hourly rates as well as a 24/7 cell number for every office so you have easy access to our team. 

 Contact your nearest Village Caregiving location today for more information about our personalized care services.