Light Housekeeping Services for Seniors

Aging in one’s home allows older adults to experience consistency in their routines and a sense of independence. It’s likely why The National Poll on Healthy Aging reports that 88% of people want to remain in their homes as they age. 

However, as people get older, it’s not always possible to maintain a healthy and safe home environment. Village Caregiving specializes in light housekeeping tasks, enabling older adults to live out their golden years in their current residence. Learn more about the services we offer and how they can help your aging loved one. 

Understanding Older Adults’ Needs

By the time people reach an advanced age, they’ve lived a full and long life. They’ve loved and lost loved ones. They are also sure of their likes, dislikes and the exact way to arrange items within their kitchen cabinets. 

Relocating an older person can bring about stress and frustration — yet they may not always have the capacity to keep their home neat and tidy. Here are some needs that may arise: 


    As people age, their overall muscle strength generally weakens. This makes it hard to bend down and reach the nooks and crannies that collect dust.


    Some older adults may suffer cognitive impairments as they age. These concerns can make it hard to remember when or even how to clean home environments.


    Sometimes, there may not be any physical or mental ailments that prevent someone from cleaning a home — but rather an emotional barrier. Assisting older adults with household chores helps them feel more stable.

    What Is Light Housekeeping? 

    Light housekeeping is a term that refers to basic chores that help to keep a home environment clean and safe. Some examples include: 

    • Tidying spaces: Putting items in their places helps areas to look neater while limiting hazards in high-traffic areas. 
    • Kitchen clean-up: Clear and disinfected kitchen counters are essential before preparing a nutritious meal.
    • Cleaning surfaces: Surfaces like cabinets and tables accumulate dust and grime over time, posing a health risk. Keeping these areas clear promotes a safer environment.
    • Vacuuming and mopping: Light housekeeping includes cleaning hardwood and carpeted floors once or twice a week.
    • Light bathroom cleaning: Bathrooms are a harbor for germs and bacteria — keeping the sink, toilet and tub disinfected ensures a healthier environment.
    • Changing bedding: Bedding should be cleaned regularly, including removing and laundering all bedding and changing sheets often.
    • Laundry tasks: Putting dirty laundry in the machine, drying it and folding it ensures there is a clean set of clothing to wear each day. Simple tasks like these add to a healthy routine.
    • Taking out trash: Trash can attract pests and foul odors, and bulkier items can become a tripping hazard. Regularly removing the trash from the kitchen, bathroom and offices keeps the home sanitary.
    • Watering plants: Light housekeeping includes watering any plants so they can continue brightening the space.

    When distinguishing which tasks constitute light housekeeping, it’s important to realize that many tasks go beyond this scope. Deep cleaning or tasks that require excessive manual labor fall beyond the scope of light housekeeping and should be organized and paid for as such. 

    Benefits of Light Housekeeping Services for Older Adults

    Aside from enjoying a cleaner home environment, there are several advantages to organizing regular housekeeping services. Here’s an overview of the main perks. 

    Improved Sense of Order

    Homes that offer organization allow owners to find items more easily and feel a greater sense of peace whenever they walk into a room. As people begin to age, routines help to give each day structure. Facilitating a clean and orderly home environment lays the foundation for a healthy daily schedule.

    Fewer Hazards

    When dirty laundry or other objects clutter the floor or surfaces, older adults may trip over them. Keeping a neat and tidy environment avoids these obstacles. Old food is another hazardous — yet common — contaminant within homes. Performing periodic refrigerator checks helps them eat healthy, fresh foods. Dust and dirt build-up can also irritate some health issues, like respiratory conditions. 

    Less Work

    With a professional team overseeing the daily tidying, your loved one has more time to focus on their favorite hobbies, recreational activities or spending time with loved ones. This is especially important for those who tire more quickly and want to spend their energy doing what they enjoy most.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Housekeeping for OIder Adults

    If you’re considering light housekeeping services for your loved one, you’re likely to have a few questions. Here are the answers to some of our most common queries to set you on your way. 

    How Often Are Older Adults' Homes Cleaned?

    Whether your loved one would benefit from daily upkeep or a weekly cleaning schedule, our services are customizable to your needs. Simply specify how often you require our services, and we’ll create a schedule that fits your needs. You can make changes to this schedule at any time.

    How Do I Know If My Loved One Needs Assistance With Housekeeping?

    If you’ve asked them if they require extra assistance and they are unsure, you may look for different signs within the home. For example, if you see mounting laundry, dusty surfaces or other signs, it might be time to get involved. 

    Remember to handle these topics with sensitivity so your loved one feels part of this decision and at ease with someone in their home. Encourage them to be an active participant in the process.

    Why Choose Village Caregiving? 

    Village Caregiving exists because three friends realized the challenges of looking after older loved ones with insufficient support. These friends made it their mission to provide top-tier caring services to help people like their relatives live healthier, more independent lives. 

    The staff at Village Caregiving is dedicated to helping residents live in a clean and tidy environment, from vacuuming to folding their laundry. We’re also open to tailoring our services to meet your exact needs. 

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    Ensure a Healthy Home Environment with Village Caregiving 

    Many older adults want to age in their homes. But as it’s not always physically possible to reach behind tables or under beds, they might need to hire some extra help to keep their home environment neat and tidy. Having an extra hand can help them retain more agency and have a safer, happier living environment.

    Village Caregiving offers an array of services to make living alone more simple as your loved one ages. Choose our compassionate team to assist with light housekeeping duties and help your family member enjoy their time at home. For more information about our cleaning services, get in touch with one of our local teams. We’re ready to help your loved one live a more independent and fulfilling life!