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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Handles Tax Withholdings, Workers' Compensation, and Unemployment?

Unlike agencies that use 1099 independent contractors to shift liability to their clients, Village Caregiving caregivers are W-2 employees. We handle all tax withholdings, workers’ compensation, unemployment, etc. We also offer full-time, eligible employees excellent health insurance benefits.

What Payers/Benefits Does Village Caregiving Accept?

Village Caregiving accepts private payment, VA Homemaker benefits, long-term care insurance, certain Medicaid programs, Medicare Advantage plans, workers’ compensation, UMWA benefits, and others. We are happy to help you navigate the process of understanding your available benefits.

What Type of Business is Village Caregiving?

Village Caregiving is the nation’s largest privately owned and operated home care agency. We are not a franchise, chain, or big business. There is no red tape or bureaucracy. Our decisions are driven by the needs of our clients. Our company’s reputation was built with hard work, dedication, love for the communities we serve, and a commitment to common sense and doing the right thing.

How Will Our Relationship Work?

Village Caregiving will make the process as easy as possible for your family. Depending on payer source, we do not require contracts, deposits, or hourly minimums to begin services. Clients have open lines of communication 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with owners, managers, nurses, and caregivers. Our process is very simple, transparent, and based on common sense.

What Happens if my Needs Fall on a Weekend, at Nighttime, or on a Holiday?

Village Caregiving proudly provides services to clients every single day of the year. Holidays and weekends are no exception. There are no added fees or expenses for services at night, during the weekend, or on holidays.

What Are Village Caregiving’s Limitations?

Though we pride ourselves on flexibility, as a home care agency, we do have limitations. Because we provide services in clients’ own homes, there are times when shifts are missed or caregivers are late. We will always do our best to provide backup caregivers, but we are not an emergency service and cannot provide on-demand caregivers in certain situations. When shifts are missed, it is incumbent upon clients to let their local manager know of the situation.

We are not a skilled care agency. As a result, our caregivers cannot administer medications. We can provide basic reminders, but we cannot administer medications. This means we cannot give a shot, apply a topical cream, provide wound care, or do any other activity that is considered medication administration, skilled care, or medical care.

Village Caregiving often provides ambulation assistance for the elderly who are unsteady on their feet. However, please know that Village Caregiving can never restrain a person in any way. You or your loved one are always free to move about your home. While Village Caregiving employees will do their best to help prevent falls, Village Caregiving cannot prevent all falls.

Village Caregiving can offer meal assistance, but Village Caregiving cannot make you or your loved one eat or drink. All Village Caregiving clients have the right to refuse.

Village Caregiving will call 911 during emergencies. We are not paramedics or an emergency medical service.

Why Should I Use Village Caregiving Instead of a Private Caregiver?

Several reasons: 1) Village Caregiving has backup caregivers in the event of emergencies, call-offs, etc.; 2) Village Caregiving handles all tax withholdings, insurance, workers’ compensation, unemployment, etc.; 3) Village Caregiving employees are thoroughly vetted and insured; and 4) Village Caregiving can provide services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Who Will Arrive at My House?

Your local Village Caregiving manager will work to match you or your loved one with a caregiver who fits. This fit is based on schedule and basic care needs. All Village Caregiving employees are able to pass a background check.

What Will Village Caregiving Do in my Home?

Our caregivers will help with basic home care related to activities of daily living. This means help with eating, bathing, toileting, hygiene, dressing, ambulation, light cleaning, transportation to appointments, errands, medication reminders, and other non-skilled/non-medical tasks. We provide services ranging from hands-on personal care to simple companionship care. Schedules are as simple as a few hours per day and as extensive as 24/7 “around the clock” care.

The services provided will depend on the individual needs of you or your loved one. Each schedule is set based on the level of need of each individual client with an eye on flexibility.

What if I Need to Change My Schedule?

If your needs change, please contact Village Caregiving staff (owners, managers, nurses) and we will address your request that same day. We are as flexible as possible when it comes to scheduling changes because life does not always go according to plan.

How Do I Pay for Village Caregiving's Services?

When possible, Village Caregiving will work to find state, federal, or insurance benefits to cover caregiving expenses. When a private pay arrangement is made, Village Caregiving will mail or email an invoice listing the dates and hours worked for each half month period. A stamped and addressed return envelope is also provided for your convenience. Village Caregiving may be paid by check or by automatic ACH transfers from a checking account.

Why Village Caregiving?

We guarantee that our caregivers are, insured, flexible, vetted through background checks, punctual, dependable, able to perform home care tasks, professional, and compassionate.