Family Involvement

Family Involvement in Home Care

Navigating the aging process is a unique journey, and sometimes it’s helpful to receive in-home care and companionship for your loved one. At Village Caregiving, we believe that a team effort between your family and your assigned caregiver is the best way to support the older adult in your life.

Why Should Family Be Involved in Care?

Family involvement in-home care provides older adults with valuable mental and emotional support. Receiving assistance from family helps preserve a sense of familiarity and autonomy, which can then lead to more open communication and overall happiness.

Your caregiver is there to support you and your loved one — and their assistance can be maximized when family members are involved in care as well. There are multiple ways you can be part of their in-home care, such as helping them run errands on occasion, or keeping them company a few afternoons a week. These small gestures can do wonders for your loved one’s quality of life in addition to the convenience and companionship that our caregivers offer.

The Benefits of Family Involvement 

Participating in the care of your loved one can enrich and streamline the entire in-home care process.

Improved Healthcare Logistics

Family caregivers are there to provide assistance, which includes reminding individuals when to take their daily medications. When family members have time to handle other medical-related tasks like scheduling appointments and taking them to the doctor’s office, this support ensures all of the older adult’s medical needs are met. 

As a family member, you also have access to vital medical information, such as family and medical history, allergies, and any intolerances, which you can pass along to your family caregiver.

Be the Voice Your Loved One Needs

You are likely one of the people that your loved one shares their thoughts and feelings with. They may also rely on you to ensure their voice is heard. By being their confidante, you can communicate their preferences and needs to your family caregiver, ensuring your loved one receives the personalized care they deserve.

You Provide Unrivalled Companionship

Nobody can take your place when it comes to enriching your older adult’s life. Whether playing a board game together or chatting, your companionship provides a bond that helps them feel more engaged and connected. Your involvement also brings a greater sense of fulfillment, allowing them to feel supported and boosting morale.

Builds Comfort and Familiarity

Your presence and participation in caring for your older adult greatly benefits their sense of comfort. Few things are as valuable as familiarity, especially as people age. Knowing you’re there and assisting with their care as much as you can gives older individuals a much-needed emotional and mental boost, increasing their quality of life overall.

Enhances Overall Well-Being

Family can help their loved ones age gracefully and feel more socially engaged and connected to the world. Regular interaction with family members can also reduce any feelings of isolation and support greater mental and emotional well-being. Being a participant in your loved one’s care helps boost their happiness and sense of belonging, since they know you are there for them.

Supports Your Family Caregiver

When you’re involved in caring for your older adult, you can assist your family caregiver in daily tasks, like taking care of laundry or assisting with cooking and eating. Your participation also helps ensure open lines of communication between you, your loved one, and your family caregiver. For example, if you typically support your loved one on a regular basis, you can work with our team to discuss respite care services if needed. Your loved one will receive the care they need since everyone will be on the same page.

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As an active participant in your loved one’s in-home care plan, you can help sustain their mental and emotional health as well as support communication between you and your family caregiver for the best quality of care.

At Village Caregiving, we provide personalized, compassionate in-home care services. Our caregivers go above and beyond with companionship that fosters personal growth and independence. Find a location near you and call us today for a tailored solution that fits your needs.