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In-Home Care Services in Quincy, IL

Village Caregiving of Quincy provides older adults with compassionate home care services that enable them to retain their independence and remain in the comfort of their own homes. Our services include assistance with bathing, eating, meal preparation, toileting, grooming and other activities of daily living support. Additionally, Village Caregiving can provide support by lending a hand with light housekeeping, errand running and transportation for appointments. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing personalized support so seniors can maximize their quality of life while aging with dignity and grace.

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Office Phone: (217) 640-0823

Address: 412 N 24th St Quincy, IL 62301

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Based on 28 reviews
nick seaver
nick seaver
Village Caregiving really goes the extra mile with their in-home care services. Their caregiver, Mia, is an excellent representation of a hardworking and caring individual who can really give attention to important matters in a unique and friendly way.
Response from the owner: Hello Mr. Seaver - thanks for this review! Village Caregiving always wants to go the extra mile for our clients and their families. Also, thank you for your kind words about Mia!
Logan Blaesing
Logan Blaesing
Great care and service, couldn’t be any happier.
Response from the owner: Hello Logan - thanks for this wonderful review! Village Caregiving wants to offer great care and keep our clients and their families safe, happy, and healthy at home!
David Sparrow
David Sparrow
Response from the owner: Hello David - thanks for this review, sir! Village Caregiving appreciates your feedback.
We enjoy having Jordan coming to care for Bill. She has a great personality and he really enjoys her company. Thank you for your this service.
Response from the owner: Hello Liz - thanks for this review. Village Caregiving is glad to hear that Jordan is doing a great job! We appreciate the feedback.
Lacey Brann
Lacey Brann
I know some staff who work here and they are amazing people. Some of the most truly caring individuals who still manage to do an amazing job while balancing their lives with school!
Response from the owner: Hello Lacey - thanks for this amazing review! Village Caregiving wants to find the most caring, excellent people out there for our team! We appreciate you!
Ann Cadwallader
Ann Cadwallader
We have Rose Edmonds as our caregiver. We could not be happier.She is very personable, friendly and treats us especially my husband with complete respect and kindness. It is hard for anyone in his situation to except help and not be inbaressed and she know just how to work with him to keep this from happening.She is truly a kind person and a asset to your company.Thank youAnd & Bill Cadwallader
Response from the owner: Hello to the Cadwallader Family! Thank you for this wonderful review and for your kind words about Rose. We are so glad to hear that you are happy and healthy! We love to hear that our caregivers are treating people so well.
Stephanie Crenshaw
Stephanie Crenshaw
Really like working for village. Jennifer my supervisor is very easy to talk to. I work a full time job during the day, so it's nice I can work part time in the evenings.
Response from the owner: Hi Stephanie! Thanks for your kind words about your experience as an employee of Village Caregiving. We appreciate your feedback and this review!
Ashley Squires
Ashley Squires
I just started working with this company a month ago. So far so good. My client is the sweetest, the hours work around both you and your client which is awesome for single moms like me. My boss Jennifer is ALWAYS there when and if needed. Probably the most laid back job I've ever had doesn't even feel like a "job". Love it.
Response from the owner: Hi Ashley - thanks for joining the Village Caregiving team. We appreciate you providing wonderful Home Care for your client. We want to always offer a comfortable, friendly work atmosphere.
Eric Hatcher
Eric Hatcher
The staff that I have encountered are very helpful and caring people. They know how to take care of people. Very personable people.
Response from the owner: Hello Eric - thanks for this review. Village Caregiving is glad to hear feedback about our staff and services. We want to be the #1 best in home care.
I've been with the company for two months..I love how we can make our own schedule and My Clients are So Awesome..I want to shut out to my Amazing Boss Jennifer what a Awesome Boss shes Amazing. I love the team as well we all pull threw and help each other..
Response from the owner: Hello Marcia - thanks for joining the Village Caregiving team! We realize our employees value flexibility, so we work hard to offer that. Thanks for your kind words and for this review!

Quality In-Home Care for Seniors

Although seniors might be forever young at heart, some need more structured support to continue living in their homes. Village Caregiving offers flexible, compassionate, home-based assistance to seniors and their family caregivers in Quincy. 

Comprehensive In-Home Care Options

Village Caregiving takes pride in customizing care plans that center on individual needs. Every day is different, and we love empowering the seniors in our care to continue living meaningful lives and feeling truly valued. What makes our in-home service particularly valuable for family caregivers and older adults is our commitment to ensuring that day-to-day living needs are met. These include: 

  • Daily activities support and disability assistance: We can help your loved one with activities like personal hygiene, ambulation and laundry
  • Assistance with cooking and meal prep: We can also assist with cooking and meal prep, as well as be there for conversation and company during mealtimes. 
  • Self-administered medicine assistance: While Village Caregiving cannot administer medications, our caregivers can kindly remind clients to take their daily doses at the correct times.

Our Specialty Services

Village Caregiving provides a holistic approach to caring for the needs of individuals and their family caregivers. We understand that life has multiple facets, and that’s why we have an approach that’s based on sound care principles to support seniors and the family members who care for them. Our specialty services assist families so that they can focus on spending quality time together. 

Respite Care in Quincy, IL

One of our primary functions at Village Caregiving is to give family caregivers some much-needed time off. Family caregiver burnout is real, and we understand how stressful the responsibility of being a primary caregiver to a beloved family member can be. Our team of respite caregivers is ready to step in so you can take time off without worrying. Whether you need a few hours to focus on an appointment or longer to go on vacation, we can offer the peace of mind you need to unwind, knowing that your loved one is safe and well cared for.  

Care Coordination and Personalized Care Plans 

Village Caregiving understands that each individual and family is unique. We work with family caregivers and seniors to create customized home care plans that fit their lifestyles and schedules. Our support plans result from a mindful consultation process that considers the older person’s physical, social and medical needs. Our personalized home care plans provide older adults with the individualized care they need to continue to manage and flourish in their own homes.

Mitigate Fall Risks and Enhance Quality of Life

Village Caregiving provides individuals the assistance they need to continue living at home for as long as possible. Our caregivers offer personalized help, such as support with transfers and ambulation routines. While no one can prevent all falls, Village Caregiving can help mitigate certain risks associated with falls and accidents. Village Caregiving is committed to helping older adults maintain the highest possible quality of life in their own homes.

Other Services

Other valuable services provided by Village Caregiving include senior appointment transportation and companionship. Appointment assistance can even include note-taking during appointments so loved ones understand medical requirements, ensuring privacy during medical examinations and scheduling follow-up appointments. 

Village Caregiving works to keep our elderly loved ones connected with the world around them. Our caregivers serve as companions and provide friendly assistance with more than care related to basic activities of daily living. Routine care, accompanied by pleasant conversations and activities, brings joy into your loved one’s life. In addition to care and companionship, Village Caregiving also provides families with a secure contact point for monitoring any changes in routine. This allows family members to check in on their loved ones no matter where they might live.

Why Choose Village Caregiving? 

Our goal of partnering with families to provide exceptional home care for their loved ones has been a winning formula that continues to grow. We have been offering award-winning care services to clients for more than a decade. Village Caregiving can give as little or as much support as required and we create personalized care plans for each individual and family.

Our Commitment to Quality Senior Care

Caring for a family member full-time is a privilege but can also be draining. Village Caregiving is here to relieve that strain through our home helper services and by providing additional social companionship. Breathe new life into your relationship with your loved one by being able to focus on meaningful activities rather than just practical daily needs. 

Accepting Medicare and Medicaid

To ensure everyone has access to affordable care, we have flexible payment options available, including Medicare and Medicaid. When possible, Village Caregiving will work to find state, federal or insurance benefits to cover caregiving expensesWe are happy to help you understand your benefit options.

Get Started With In-Home Care Services Today

If you need high-quality in-home care services in Quincy, IL, look no further than Village Caregiving. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about helping people stay comfortable and safe at home with the goal of allowing them to maintain their independence and quality of life. Call us today at 217-640-0823 to learn how we can help support you and your loved ones!