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In-Home Care Services for Seniors in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Keep your heart at home by relying on award-winning home care providers to meet the needs of your senior loved one. Village Caregiving is ready to offer you premium in-home care services in Sioux Falls.

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Address: 101 S. Reid St. Suite 307, Office 331, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57103

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Comprehensive In-Home Care Services 

Village Caregiving has been offering compassionate adult day care services for more than 10 years. Now, we offer services 24/7 and have a comprehensive service offering list, which includes:

We also offer reliable respite care services to relieve primary caregivers from their posts for a few hours or even a few days. With these services, primary caregivers can tend to their own responsibilities and needs and return to their caregiving role recharged and refreshed. 

Tailored Care to Meet Individual Needs

Our extensive experience allows us to deeply relate to our clients. We know each family has unique needs and specific schedules. We’ll take the time to match you with a caregiver equipped to handle your requirements and accommodate your schedule. 

Based on 27 reviews
Kara Mortenson
Kara Mortenson
I have worked in nursing homes for 17 yrs. Village caregiving is such a wonderful place to work. They will work with you if you need special hours or days off. They really do care about there employees. Jackie and Dawn are awesome, very understanding and caring. I definitely recommend applying.
Response from the owner: Hello Kara - thanks for this wonderful review and feedback for Village Caregiving!
Ashley Henrich
Ashley Henrich
Village Caregiving offers a flexible schedule for employees and clients who need the care. The care is a top priority for Village Caregiving, and that shows in their management as well as the people who need the help to stay home as long as they possibly can! Glad to be a part of this company!
Response from the owner: Hello Ashley, and thanks for this wonderful review. We recognize that flexibility with scheduling is important for our employees, so Village Caregiving goes to great lengths to offer those options. We are glad you're part of the team!
Alan Hoffman
Alan Hoffman
These are the BEST caregivers I have ever had! The Aides truly care about me: Chelsea, McKenzie, Janiqua and Ceara are especially good.
Response from the owner: Hello Mr. Hoffman - thank you so much for your kind words about Village Caregiving's caregivers. We work hard to find and hire the best of the best. We want home care aides that provide wonderful care for their clients and keep people safe, happy, and healthy at HOME!
I am very blessed to have amazing women that go above and beyond for their employees.
Response from the owner: Hi Marley - thank you for your kind words and for this review! Village Caregiving appreciates you!!!
Kimberly Mayberry
Kimberly Mayberry
I'm thankful to work for this company. They always try to accommodate my work schedule needs and great open communication.
Response from the owner: Hello Kimberly - thank you for this review and for your hard work! We are thankful for you as well. At Village Caregiving, we value the happiness of our employees, and that means respecting your need for flexibility and always communicating openly! We are here for ya! Always!
Debbie Branaugh
Debbie Branaugh
We love Katie, she has been a Godsend! I’ve been able to take extra hours for myself knowing she’ll take good care of Rich.
Response from the owner: Hello Debbie - thanks for your kind words about Village Caregiving and Katie! You deserve those extra hours, as those help recharge your batteries and enjoy life. This is what Village Caregiving is here for!
Robin Lock
Robin Lock
We have been using Village Caregiving for over a year and they have been fantastic to work with. Management has been so understanding of our needs, easy to work with, and compassionate. They go above and beyond to make sure our care needs are met! We highly recommend them!
Response from the owner: Hello Robin - thank you for this wonderful review and feedback for Village Caregiving. We love to hear about management going the extra mile for clients and employees. Thanks for this recommendation!
Mindy Hinckley
Mindy Hinckley
I have been working with village caregiving for just under a year now, and I can honestly say it's the best job I've ever had. The compassion our leaders show towards us caregivers is simply amazing. Not to mention we have some pretty awesome clients. It's definitely a family oriented company and the relationships made are one in a million.
Response from the owner: Hi Mindy - thanks for your hard work over the past year! We love to hear this type of positive feedback from happy employees - WOW! We always want Village Caregiving to feel like one big family!
Ceara Peters
Ceara Peters
Village Caregiving is an amazing company to work with!! They provide a flexible schedule that fits my family’s needs. They are great at communicating. They strive in giving the best care possible and that’s why I love working with them!!
Response from the owner: Hello Ceara - thanks for this amazing review and for your kind words about Village Caregiving! We value flexibility and communication very much!
Missy-B Entertainment
Missy-B Entertainment
I love working for village caregiving. I’ve been in the medical field for about 9 years now and I’ve never had a job that communicated and involved their caregivers in situations when it comes to their client. Communication is key in this field and I highly appreciate it!
Response from the owner: Hello Missy! Thanks for this review. We appreciate your enthusiasm for Village Caregiving. We are so glad to have your experience and excellent attitude on the team!

Enjoy the Benefits of Village Caregiving’s Services

Village Caregiving aims to enhance the quality of life of senior citizens so they can fully enjoy their golden years. We do this by:

  • Minimizing fall risks: Although no one can prevent all falls, our compassionate team offers mobility services to help strengthen muscles and balance. We can also remove clutter and potential falling hazards and monitor your loved one to limit the potential for injuries.
  • Offering companionship: With lively conversations and caring inquiries, we offer our clients additional social interaction. We combat the increased isolation associated with aging by caring for your loved one’s emotional well-being. 
  • Giving medication reminders: Our team does not administer medications, but we can gently remind seniors when it’s time to take their prescriptions. 

Why Choose Village Caregiving?

Thousands of families have trusted us to care for their loved ones. We take this responsibility seriously, and we offer:

  • Affordable care: Village Caregiving is one of the most affordable in-home senior care providers in Sioux Falls — and throughout the country. We also offer various payment options and can help you find financial support you might be eligible for. 
  • Comprehensive offerings: While Village Caregiving strives to meet your senior’s daily needs with excellence by providing personal care services, we also want to enhance your loved one’s quality of life with mobility care and companionship — caring for the whole person. 
  • Award-winning services: Staffed by kind and compassionate family caregivers, our business has received multiple “Best Home Care Agency” awards and offers the same caliber of service in Sioux Falls.

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