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At Village Caregiving, we have been providing award-winning in-home care services to clients for over 10 years. Our success is based on a deep empathy for the unique needs of older adults and their families, and our flexible approach makes using our service simple and convenient. Whether seniors require regular practical day-to-day assistance or family caregivers need respite services, Village Caregiving offers reliable in-home care services in Madison that you can trust. 

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Address: 2918 Marketplace Dr. Fitchburg, WI 53719

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gail cole
gail cole
We absolutely love Stacy! She is kind, caring and very observant and helpful with Brother Bill's shower needs. And she cares that Bill puts on clean clothes instead of Bill thinking what he had on was clean. She notices different issues on his body, such as the rash and edema on his lower left leg which turned out to be a skin infection. I took Bill to the VA hospital after notifying his doctor of the condition and he was treated for a severe infection that could have had detrimental affects on the greater body! And just today, Stacy checked out Bill's electric razor which was clogged and she cleaned it out as best could be done. Always trying to help in soooo many ways! AND SHE IS FUN and kidding with Bill about various things!! Bill loves her animated spirit...lively and LIFTS THE SPIRITS OF BOTH MY HUSBAND AND ME, TOO! She cares about all those she knows and we have learned so much about the town we live in, too! Another amazing coincidence, we are both majorly NATURALISTS! Yup, homeopathy, natural doctors thru SSM Health AND my family has a Naturopathic Doctor we have been with for almost 20 years. She keeps us sooo healthy AND Bill's VA Doctor in Baraboo really likes our Naturopathic doctor and VA Doc agrees it is working with Bill's prescription meds and keeping Bill's Micro Biom in balance. WOW! And now we have Stacy who fits right in with the family! We love her and all the excitement she brings to our lives to keep our home system healthy AND ALL HAPPY!Btw, we, too are interested in her family and history in this neet town of Oxford, WI. We have so much in common. We Love Her!Thank you for the opportunity to have Stacy and the Village Caregiving thru the VA of Madison, WI! Merci Beaucoup!Gail Cole, Sister of William T. Bishop, Jr...aka Bill.
Response from the owner: Hello Gail! Thank you for this amazing review! We are honored to provide home are for your brother. Thank you so much for this wonderful story.
Wally Vroman
Wally Vroman
Village Caregiving - Since the initial meet & greet with Liz we have been blessed with outstanding caregiving, exceptional skills and techniques for my father-in-law. Liz is a very dependable and personal caregiver that consistently provides above and beyond what is needed. She knows how to make the connection, trust, and dependability in everyday tasks. We highly recommend Liz from Village Caregiving as we are extremely thankful for the caregiving she provides for my father-in-law.
Response from the owner: Hello Wally! Thanks for this excellent review! We are honored to care for your father-in-law. We also appreciate your kind words about Liz.
Suzanne Schmidt
Suzanne Schmidt
This is the best experience I've ever had. The business is eager to help and responds in a short amount of time. My helper is very helpful and responds even before I have to ask for something. I don't know what I would do without her.
Response from the owner: Hello Suzanne! Village Caregiving is always eager to help. Thanks for letting us know about your positive experience and thanks for this awesome review!
stacy monfries
stacy monfries
I have just started with this company and I was so impressed on how nice the office gals were. Very responsive with any questions.
Response from the owner: Stacy - thanks for joining the Village Caregiving team! We are here to help! Thank you for this review also!
Renee Anderson
Renee Anderson
I have just recently started working for Village Caregiving and they are a phenomenal company to work for. They exceeded expectations as far as communication, flexible Hours and pay rate. I would highly recommend this company for employment and for anyone needing in-home care. This review is coming from someone who has Worked as a medical assistant for over 20 years!
Response from the owner: Hi Renee - thank you for joining the Village Caregiving team AND for this phenomenal review! We love to bring on excellent people with years of experience like you have.
I currently work for this company and I think it's an amazing company to work for. They are great to their clients and staff. If you are in need or a loved one is in need of cares this company is definitely one to check into. You will be happy you did.
Response from the owner: Hello Michelle - thank you for your kind words about Village Caregiving! We appreciate the recommendation and review - AND your hard work!
Vanessa Duvenhage
Vanessa Duvenhage
Response from the owner: Hi Vanessa! Thanks for the 5-star review! ***** We appreciate your feedback!
Lindsay DeVillers
Lindsay DeVillers
Response from the owner: Hi Lindsay - thank you for this 5-star review! We appreciate this feedback.
Lisa Parrell
Lisa Parrell
Response from the owner: Hello Lisa - thanks for this 5-star review! ***** We appreciate it!
Dana Luedeman
Dana Luedeman
I have nothing but good things to say about Village Caregiving. Brenda is such a nice person and a wonderful caregiver to have. She goes above and beyond to help the people she serves. Leslie always provides a quick response time and having open communication regarding what is needed has been wonderful. Village has a flat rate for services which makes it so easy for people to understand, especially if they have memory impairment. Thank you to everyone at Village Caregiving!!!
Response from the owner: Hello Dana! Thanks for this wonderful review and for your kind words. We love to hear about caregivers going above and beyond for our clients and their families.

Comprehensive Home Care Services in Madison, WI

Village Caregiving of Madison provides older adults with a range of compassionate home care services that enable them to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. While some clients require assistance with practical or personal hygiene tasks, others might only need regular check-ins, friendly company or safe transport to appointments. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing personalized support so seniors can maximize their quality of life while aging with dignity and grace. 

Daily Assistance and Medication Reminders

We understand that every situation is different, and we structure care plans to maximize the beneficial impact on seniors and their families. Our friendly team can assist with day-to-day tasks, including: 

  • Practical tasks: These include bathing, eating, meal preparation, toileting, grooming and other activities of daily living support. They can even help with light housekeeping, errand running and providing safe transportation for appointments
  • Providing self-administered medicine reminders: Although Village Caregiving staff cannot administer medications, our caregivers can provide self-administered medication assistance by kindly reminding clients to take their daily doses. These prompts are invaluable in ensuring timely medicine intake. 

Senior and Family Caregiving Solutions

Village Caregiving’s mission is to provide Madison residents with the assistance they need to continue living in their own homes. To do this, we work with seniors and their families to develop customized care plans that meet each senior’s specific needs

Our holistic approach considers the well-being of all the role players in each family care situation. Village Caregiving understands that being a full-time family caregiver can be grueling, so we offer respite care services that allow you to take some much-needed breaks to focus on your own needs. In addition to providing supervision and companionship, our respite care services include assistance with daily living tasks, transportation to appointments and basic housekeeping. Village Caregiving also provides families with a secure contact point for monitoring any changes in routine. This allows family members to check in on their loved ones no matter where they might live.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Village Caregiving works to keep our elderly loved ones connected with the world around them. Our caregivers serve as companions and provide friendly assistance with more than care related to basic activities of daily living. Routine care accompanied by pleasant conversations and activities brings joy into your loved ones’ lives. In addition to care and companionship, Village Caregiving employees can also serve as a contact point for families and their loved ones. One of the most common signs of decline in older adults is a deviation from a normal routine.

While most of our services take place in the home, Village Caregiving staff can also provide safe transport and accompany older adults to appointments or to run errands. This service is valuable to seniors and their families — family members don’t have to shuffle their schedules around to ensure their loved one receives the care they require. This is just one of the ways that Village Caregiving is committed to helping older adults maintain the highest possible quality of life. 

Home Health Care Services: Understanding Your Options

The home health care services we provide are designed to meet each person’s physical, mental and social needs. Our services include:

Why Choose Village Caregiving? 

Personalized care plans are the heart of everything we do at Village Caregiving. Our goal is to form partnerships with families and offer the reliable support they need to allow senior adults to live comfortably at home for as long as possible. For extra peace of mind, you can get in touch with your local office 24/7.

Medicare and Medicaid: Simplifying Your Care

We have flexible payment options, including Medicare and Medicaid, to help make sure care is affordable. When possible, Village Caregiving will work to find state, federal or insurance benefits to cover caregiving expenses. We are happy to help you understand your available benefits.

Safety and Well-Being: Our Top Priorities

While no one can prevent all falls, Village Caregiving ambulation assistance for seniors can help mitigate certain risks associated with falls and accidents. From initial assessment to implementation, our trained caregivers are committed to keeping seniors as active as possible. 

Connect With Village Caregiving Today

If you’re looking for high-quality caregiving services in Madison, WI, look no further than Village Caregiving. We understand the valuable role of family caregivers, which is why we also offer services designed to take the weight off their shoulders. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about helping people stay comfortable and safe at home with the goal of allowing them to maintain their independence and quality of life. Get in touch with us today at 414-331-0800.

Village Caregiving is proud to be a part of the Wisconsin Personal Care Association.