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In-Home Care Services in Eau Claire, WI

At Village Caregiving, we offer reliable services for in-home assistance with daily living to improve the quality of life for older adults. Our services aim to make your senior’s lives easier with committed family caregivers who work alongside you to find the best solution. With over 10 years in the industry and multiple awards, we’ve gained a strong reputation for providing compassionate services from dedicated caregivers.

Our Eau Claire Office Information

Office Phone: (715) 492-0191

Fax:  (715) 227-8773

Address: Building D02, Ste 405A Wisconsin Street Mail Box 66, Eau Claire, WI 54703

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We Partner With You for a Customized Solution

We respond to your needs with tailored solutions so you can rest assured that your older adult receives superior companionship that fits your schedule. All our family caregivers are passionate about personal growth and dignified assistance, taking extra consideration to provide respectful and engaging care. We’re fully committed to customizing our services to meet your elderly family member’s needs.

When you work with our family caregivers, you can:

  • Maintain connections in familiar surroundings: Whether you live with your elderly family members or are in separate homes, in-home care allows you to maintain contact in familiar surroundings.
  • Deal with professional, caring staff: Our family caregivers are passionate about caring for older adults and seeing them thrive.
  • Receive direct assistance: With our 24/7 in-office cell number, you get direct assistance from your assigned office.
  • Get care in the comforts of home: There’s no need for your senior to change their routine as we provide comfortable, in-home assistance.
Based on 42 reviews
Darlene Sommers
Darlene Sommers
We are very pleased with the care our loved one is receiving from Village Caregiving. The peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is looking after our loved one, when we can't be there, is priceless.
Response from the owner: Hello Mrs. Sommers - thank you so much for this review for Village Caregiving. Your loved one's care is our #1 priority - thank you for placing your trust in us.
Ava Chalsma
Ava Chalsma
I started working for Village Caregiving when my grandpas caregiver (a village employee who I became friends with) went on maternity leave. I already had a nursing assistant certification and was taking care of him out of my grandmas pocket on weekends for extra help. I talked with Village about the situation and they were happy to hire me to take care of my grandpa. I ended up being able to take care of him to the very end and village caregiving helped me and my family tremendously through the whole process. I also have an autoimmune disorder and I don’t think anyone has ever been more flexible and accommodating then them.
Response from the owner: Hello Ava - thank you for this wonderful review. We love to hire experienced CNAs at Village Caregiving. We are so glad to hear that we were able to help you and your family!
Alexis Aulock
Alexis Aulock
I am employed with village caregiving and I have to say it’s been a very positive experience. Our management is very understanding, compassionate, and easy to work and communicate with. Everything, from the hiring process, to working for this company with wonderful clients for over a year now has been a very good experience. Thank you Kristen, Shelby and Tyler!
Response from the owner: Hello Alexis - thanks for this wonderful review and for your hard work and dedication to Village Caregiving's goals and mission! We appreciate the feedback about your positive experience. Thank YOU!
Kyle Angel
Kyle Angel
Hands down the best caregiving company to work for and with! They have amazing communication and really care about the clients they serve! I am able to create my own schedule around my clients needs so if I need to take a day off I don’t have to miss out on any hours. Also with the flexible schedule I can work around my daycare needs which is a huge plus! They also have a great competitive pay scale as well!! Village caregiving Eau Claire staff is wonderful, I am so thankful for this opportunity to help serve the clients and community.
Response from the owner: Hi Kyle! Thanks for this wonderful review! We appreciate you noticing that Village Caregiving values and prioritizes effective communication and genuinely cares about our clients and employees.
Jared Van Order
Jared Van Order
I have been working at Village for 1.5 years and it has been a wonderful experience! The management team has always been very supportive and great at keeping me informed. I love the freedom of making my own schedule. I feel very privileged to get to work with the veterans that have served our country. I have met some great people and I look forward to my future clients with this company as well!
Response from the owner: Hello Jared - thanks for this review AND for your hard work and dedication to Village Caregiving's mission & goals over the past 1.5+ years! We are here to support our employees - no matter what the issue or challenge.
kriss nepstad
kriss nepstad
Kristen G was amazing! Very professional, punctual and trustworthy. She provided incredible care for my father showing compassion towards him and allowing my mother peace of mind to leave him in Kristen's care. Villages was great in working with the family to find the right caregiver fit.
Response from the owner: Hello Kriss - thanks for your kind words about Village Caregiving and Kristen! You're describing everything we want in a caregiver. We are honored to provide care for your father and give your mother a bit of a respite break. Thanks for this review!
Little Tee
Little Tee
I have been employed with this company for over a year now. I have worked in this field for 26 yrs and this is, by far, the best job that I’ve ever had. The management is wonderful, they are very considerate and caring towards both their employees and their clients. The scheduling is very flexible and the pay is very good. I highly recommend them!!
Response from the owner: Hello, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to Village Caregiving's mission over the past year+. We appreciate this very much! We love hearing from skilled and experienced direct care staff. We want all employees and clients to know they we care about them and have their backs 100% of the time! Thanks for the review and recommendation!
Jerry Zastro
Jerry Zastro
I have been with village caregiving for about 1 & 1/2 years and it is by far the best place I've ever worked. The management team are always there for issues or concerns I might have. The work/life balance is phenomenal. Management works so hard to make sure our schedules are not overwhelming and fit each individuals personal life. I work some nights and weekends and I have always been able to reach someone if I have a issue or question. Nights and weekends!!! Between Kristen, Shelby, Maddie & Tyler, when I talk to them, you can always tell how much they care; about your concerns and more importantly (the clients). I do truly love my job and the only way I would leave is if I just couldn't do my job any longer. Jerry Zastrow
Response from the owner: Hi Jerry - thanks for this review, sir!!!
Susan Fields
Susan Fields
The Eau Claire office has been so helpful and found us the perfect caretaker for my mother.
Response from the owner: Hi Susan - thanks for this 5-star review for Village Caregiving - Eau Claire, WI! We appreciate it!
Katharine Waller
Katharine Waller
The “Village People,” as my family called them, were amazing!! From the admin staff (Kristin and Shelby) to the personal caregivers they arranged, everything was top notch. Kristin worked hard to get us organized with in-home caregivers quickly. They all worked together with my large group of siblings to coordinate and implement a schedule that worked to keep my dad in the home he loved. I was especially impressed with the timely and caring way the staff responded to any tweaks we needed to make in the details of caregiving or the daily schedule. I would highly recommend them to help care for your loved one.
Response from the owner: Hello Katharine - thanks for this review and for this humor! You are not the first to use that phrase, haha! We appreciate this feedback, recommendation, and for trusting in Village Caregiving (the Village People) with your family's care.

Daily Living Assistance

We have comprehensive services that assist seniors with their daily living. We design our services to enrich your loved one’s life by alleviating some household errands and providing engaging conversations and meaningful companionship. Take a look at the services we offer:

  • Laundry
  • Toileting
  • Ambulation services
  • Hygiene assistance
  • Light housekeeping
  • Dressing
  • Companionship
  • Running errands
  • Respite care
  • Transportation
  • Cooking and eating support

Discover What Sets Us Apart

We at Village Caregiving thrive on excellence and quality companionship. Our caregivers are passionate about seeing your senior live a productive, high-quality life. See what sets us apart:

  • Backup services: We provide backup services in emergencies, providing quality assistance when you need them.
  • Affordable care: We assist you in filling out financial applications where applicable. You’ll also pay flat rates on any day, weekends, and holidays.
  • Reliable contact point: You have a dedicated contact point to check in on your loved one, no matter where they live.
  • Self-administered medication assistance: Our supportive family caregiver will kindly remind your older adult when it’s time to take their medication.
  • Fall risk mitigation: Though we cannot prevent all falls, we can mitigate them where possible. Our family caregivers can clear clutter and objects to help prevent falls as much as possible.

Trust Village Caregiving for Quality In-Home Care

Give your loved one the opportunity to flourish and enjoy dignified independence with quality companionship from Village Caregiving. Our friendly and professional staff are eager to work with your elderly loved one and provide the care they need.

If you’d like more information about our in-home care services in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, call us at (715) 492-0191 or email kristendalton@villagecaregiving.com today.